Horrific gas station fire serves as a reminder to keep safety in mind at the pumps

Blog Post created by freddurso Employee on Nov 5, 2013

Gas pumpsAuthorities recently arrested a Georgia man who unintentionally set his wife on fire after flicking a lighter at a gas station.

According to a story on, fire officials allege that the man, who has been charged with reckless conduct, ignited a cigarette lighter while filling his pickup truck with gas last month. A fuel vapor explosion occurred, resulting in second- and third-degree injuries on his wife's legs, arms, back, and head. The man suffered minor injuries to his hand, according to the story. 

NFPA urges drivers to exercise caution while filling their tanks. For instance, don't smoke, light matches, or use lighters while refueling. Also, don't get in and out of your car while refueling, as this action could cause static electricity and spark a fire.

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