NFPA promotes holiday fire safety on nationwide media tour

Blog Post created by mikehazell Employee on Dec 11, 2013


If you watch your local TV news this morning, there's a chance you'll see Judy Comoletti of NFPA's public education division sharing tips on how to keep your holidays fire-safe. It's all part of NFPA's "Project Holiday" campaign, where we're offering a free online toolkit filled with safety tips, reports, talking points, videos, and fun gift and tree tags to help your family and community understand the importance of fire safety this winter. Get all of the details on our Project Holiday page.

This morning, Judy is stationed at a private home north of Boston, and through the magic of a satellite media tour, is participating in more than 2 dozen television interviews with stations across the country.

Judy Comoletti satellite media tour 2
Judy Comoletti prepares to conduct another interview about holiday fire safety with one of more than two dozen TV stations around the United States.

Judy Comoletti satellite media tour 1
It's showtime!

Satellite media tour control room
The crew running the satellite media tour is set up in the basement of the home.