Karen Berard-Reed

Spots available for expenses-paid training in NFPA fire & fall prevention program

Blog Post created by Karen Berard-Reed on Feb 12, 2014

Mornings can be tough.  Lately, my mornings have included freezing temperatures, a son who hates getting out of bed in time to catch the middle school bus, and unpredictable traffic heading into Boston.  I’ve made an honest attempt to stay positive in these conditions and I have a little trick to help me out.  At some point during my 37 (or 45 or 72) minute commute, I pop an old favorite into my CD player.  Track 4 on Mary Chapin Carpenter’s Come On Come On album is "I Feel Lucky".  I have discovered it is nearly impossible to stay grumpy while this song is playing.  It is especially helpful to review my mental list of the things for which I Feel Lucky:  a heated steering wheel on these cold mornings (best automotive invention ever!), the tough-to-wake yet gorgeous, healthy, funny 6th grader I chat with every morning, a job where I do challenging, exciting work each day. 

I also feel lucky because I have the pleasure of giving away free trips to Las Vegas! 

Of course these free trips include air fare, hotel lodging, and meals but the real prize is the opportunity to participate in the 2014 Remembering When™ Scholarship Conference on June 4-6.  Participants of this conference will receive valuable training in the NFPA fire and fall prevention program geared towards older adults.  The program was recently updated with a modern look and 21st century online access.   We will be awarding scholarships to 25 teams made up of a member of the fire service and a member of a home visiting agency.  Communities interested in reducing fire and fall injuries among older adults should encourage a team to apply for the scholarship.

Do you feel lucky?  Apply before March 10, 2014!  Feel free to contact me with questions.  Remembering_When