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Teaching Remembering When™: A Fire and Fall Prevention Program for Older Adults just got a little easier thanks to a new option offered by NFPA: printing and shipping the program upon request .

For a nominal fee, NFPA will print out all 106 pages of Remembering When in high quality full color and ship them to you.

Remembering When–the full curriculum, handouts and tips for making group presentations and home visits–will arrive at your door in shrink wrap and ready to be placed in binder sheet protectors.

“The revised version of Remembering When is available online as a free download.  The materials were designed in full color.  This makes them beautiful but can prove to be a challenge for folks who don’t have access to high-quality printing.  This is a less expensive option than sending the documents out to a copying service,” said Public Education Division Senior Project Manager Karen Berard-Reed.

“For under $30 you can have the entire program printed in full color as it was intended,” she continued.  “I’m thrilled we are able to offer another option to help get the program into the hands of those who can use it.”   


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Ears of CornMemorial Day is quickly approaching and for many people the commemorative holiday marks the beginning of summer and with it, the grilling season.

NFPA recommends that grillers pay particular attention to safety, especially in June and July, when home fires involving grilling accidents occur most often. When grilling, NFPA suggests the following:

 Stay alert when grilling. Do not grill if you are sleepy or drinking. Don’t leave your cooking or grill area unattended. Keep children and pets at least three feet away from the grill area. Remove all flammable materials from around the grill.

NFPA provides additional grilling safety information, grilling tips, and a grilling safety tip sheet on the NFPA web site.

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