Smoke alarms save two families from fire

Blog Post created by susanmckelvey Employee on Jul 17, 2014

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A lighting strike ignited the home's attic, sending it up in flames.


On Monday morning, a home in Winfield, WV, was struck by lighting and burned to the ground. According to local reports, the homeowner, Mr. Mihai Istrate, awoke to a loud boom of thunder, followed by smoke alarms sounding. He, his wife and seven-year-old son, along with their three dogs, made it out safely.

“I’m definitely thankful to have the alarm system,” said Istrate. “They save lives. Maybe they saved our lives, too.”


That evening, a Missouri resident awoke to the smell of smoke and sounding alarms, and promptly got his wife and seven-year-old out of the house. “Thank god for smoke detectors,” he said.


Once again, these real-life stories show that smoke alarms can and do make a life-saving difference.Visit NFPA’s Smoke Alarms Central page for a wealth of information on proper smoke alarm installation, maintenance and testing.</p>