Local smoke alarm installation programs make life-saving difference in three fire incidents

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In three separate home fires, smoke alarms previously installed by local fire departments made a life-saving difference:


Yesterday, in Manchester, UK, the Whitefield Fire Station attended two fire incidents within hours of one another.

The first fire was caused by a bathroom fan, which the family was alerted to by working smoke alarms. “It was an alarm that had been fitted by the fire service that alerted the family,” said Crew Manager Dan Brown.

Hours later, the same crew attended another incident, where a neighbor heard smoke alarms sounding from a ground floor flat. When crews arrived, they found a man fast asleep in his bed while a pan of food was burning downstairs. “It was fortunate that we had fitted the alarm about 10 months ago because it alerted the neighbor to the problem,” said Brown.


Meanwhile, smoke alarms installed as part of a local fire department program in West Iredell, NC, last fall were credited with saving the lives of five people on Sunday. In fact, two of the firefighters who installed the alarms were among those responding to the fire.

Everyone in the home was sleeping at the time of the incident, but having smoke alarms outside the sleeping areas provided early warning that allowed the family to escape without harm.

“This is definitely a documented save,” said Iredell County Fire Marshal Garland Cloer.

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This smoke alarm, which was installed last fall as part of the West Iredell Fire Department’s installation program, awoke five people to fire, enabling them to escape safely.