Milwaukee Fire Department installs smoke alarms, reaches out to community

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Milwaukee firefighters canvassed a neighborhood last week with neighborhood block watch members, representatives of the police department, the Department of Neighborhood Services, Safe and Sound Milwaukee, and the local alderman’s office. Assistant Fire Chief Gerard Washington joined in the canvassing to show his support and meet with community leaders. Firefighters installed smoke alarms where needed and discussed safety tips with residents.


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The event was part of a larger citywide effort to install alarms. Through the help of block grants, the department has installed thousands of smoke alarms. Also, a hotline is available for residents who need to have alarms installed. Fire trucks are equipped with alarms so that firefighters can do installations when they’re on non-emergency calls.


Has your department conducted a smoke alarm installation program recently? If so, let me know. If you’re thinking about launching one, NFPA’s Planning and Implementing a Successful Smoke Alarm Installation Program can help. General smoke alarm safety information is also available on the NFPA website.

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