Minnesota fire investigators: multi-tasking and cooking don't mix

Blog Post created by lisamariesinatra Employee on Sep 10, 2014

In a recent article from Minnesota, a state fire marshal reminds residents to "look while you cook." According to the report, last year Minnesota set a record for the number of cooking fires, which sadly killed six people. What I liked about this article, however, was this emphasis on the idea that it only takes seconds for a disaster to happen in the kitchen. Here's a line from the article that really caught my eye and made me think:

2"In a culture that is obsessed with multi-tasking, it can be tempting to check an email or watch a funny video on Facebook while the pan is heating up -- but victims will tell you it's not worth it."

How many times have you stepped away from the stove to check your phone, or thought, I'll just jump in the shower for a "quick second," while preparing a meal? As gadgets demand more of our daily attention, the article says that fire safety experts now fear the number of cooking fires could drastically increase. So, let's do our best, starting right now, to make a pledge to "look while we cook," to keep an eye on what we fry, and be alert at all times when cooking.  1

There's a time and a place for our iphones and iPads, computers and other gadgets. Leave them in the other room when you're cooking to ensure your attention is focused exactly where it should be:  at the stove and at the table with family and friends. Then, when the last of the dishes are washed and put away, go ahead and pick up the phone if you must. 

Keep cooking safety on your mind. Go to NFPA's cooking fire safety central web page for more information.