Flameless candles provide beauty and safety to any holiday/winter decor

Blog Post created by lisamariesinatra Employee on Dec 3, 2014

It's amazing how fast the holidays come and go, don't you think? I liken the season to a fast moving train, with many moving parts and lots and lots of shopping! With Thanksgiving now in the rear-view mirror, we get to look forward to Hanukkah and Christmas. But as we've mentioned before, it's important to keep in mind certain dangers holiday celebrations can bring, if we're not careful. Remember that fast moving train I just talked about?

NFPA and the USFA have teamed up again this season for its "Put a Freeze on Winter Fires" campaign to share its best fire and life safety information with you this season. We get it; we're all busy, rushing to and fro, so we suggest, take a moment, catch your breath, and take some time to really consider safety as part of your holiday and all-around winter routine. Candles 2

This week, the emphasis is on holiday decorations. NFPA and USFA have some great tips and resources you can use as you deck the halls and prepare your home for guests. For instance, we all love the look and smell of candles, as well as how they make us feel. But this year, let's consider the alternative: battery-operated flameless candles. I know, you probably think they don't offer the same kind of ambiance you find with real candles but I have to say, they really are great! Flameless candles have come a long way these days ... they smell like real candles, come in all shapes and sizes and colors, and the "flame" flickers just like a real flame would, too. And as we're all trying to save a few dollars here and there, consider flameless candles as a way to keep your budget on track. Flameless candles can be reused each year, saving you lots of money and time! You should definitely try them out! 

Find out more about candle safety, watch our short video and download our tips sheet to review and share with family and friends. 

And remember, as you continue your shopping and decorating, add one extra item to your list: flameless candles. Enjoy this holiday season knowing you've taken one step further to ensuring you and your family stay safe this holiday season and all winter long!