Home escape plan is put to the test for Maryland family

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A Cumberland, Maryland, family is crediting a carefully formulated

home escape plan

with helping them quickly leave without injury when their home caught on fire recently. According to the

Cumberland Times-News

, the Miller family–parents Eugene and Jeanne and their children–had often talked about what they should do if a fire happened in their home.

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“We had set up our plan, what we would do, where we would meet, what not to do, like if one of the dogs ran back into the house,” said Jeanne.



She said her son discovered the fire when he was in the shower. The entire family got out of their three-story brick house and to the designated meeting place before the

smoke alarms






Escape Planning safety tips sheet

advises knowing at least two ways out of every room if possible, making a home escape plan, practicing home fire drills, and having a safe meeting place a safe distance from the home.



In less than four minutes, the Miller house was engulfed in flames. A team from Cumberland and volunteer firefighters quickly controlled the fire.


“We were upset and scared and this is devastating. But it could have been much worse,” Jeanne said. “We could have been planning funerals now. We are so grateful.”


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