New tip sheet and campaign remind us to take care with animals

Blog Post created by lisabraxton Employee on Sep 22, 2015

Pet Fire Safety Tips Sheet

Cat Perch 2Because of my cat Savannah’s insatiable desire to leap on all kinds of surfaces in my home–furniture, countertops, appliances–and her ability to find new and creative ways to knock things over, claw at them, and chew through them, I’ve spent countless hours figuring out how to “cat-proof” my home to keep her safe and my belongings relatively intact.

NFPA’s Pet Fire Safety tip sheet reminds us that our pets’ habits can be more than just mildly annoying. Pets can cause fires. The tip sheet, as well as many other tips sheets NFPA provides, can be customized with the fire department or organization’s name and contact information.

In addition, through NFPA’s Take Action: Teens for Wildfire Safe Communities campaign, the nation’s youth can play a role in helping minimize the chances of a wildland fire impacting their homes and lives. Two great resources are the toolkits on household pets and horses.