Hoverboard blamed for Boston apartment fire

Blog Post created by lisabraxton Employee on May 10, 2016

A fire Sunday night in Boston’s North End was caused by a hoverboard, officials say.

According to The Boston Globe, the fire broke out in a third floor apartment and was extinguished quickly. However, up to 10 people were displaced and damages are estimated at $100,000.Hover Board Tips Sheet.JPG

It is believed to be the city’s first fire caused by a hoverboard.

Witnesses in the apartment told investigators they heard a pop and found the hoverboard on fire in a bedroom.

Hoverboards, which are self-balancing scooters, were a popular purchase during the holiday season, but have recently come under scrutiny after a number of incidents in which they reportedly caught fire or even exploded.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission said hoverboards pose “an unreasonable risk of fire to consumers.” NFPA urges that those who choose to use hoverboards adhere to safety measures.The Hoverboard Safety tip sheet provides a list of precautions and ways to identify signs of problems.