Electronic cigarette explosion sends teen to the hospital

Blog Post created by lisabraxton Employee on May 11, 2016

A 17-year-old from New York State was hospitalized last week when the e-cigarette he was puffing on exploded, burning his face, throat and hands.


According to NBC Charlotte, Ryan Scholand has a hole in the back of his throat, deep cuts on his
hands and scars on his upper lip. He said he had just replaced the battery in the e-cigarette–a cigarette-shaped battery-operated device containing a
nicotine-based liquid that is vaporized and inhaled and is used to give an experience similar to smoking. Scholand says that when he pressed the ignition button to fire up the e-cigarette and release the vapor, it exploded in his hand.


He said the battery base shot out like a projectile onto the floor while the aluminum upper-part of the frame shot into his throat.


"I immediately Smoking tip sheet.JPGfelt a really hot sense of smoke going down my throat. I immediately thought
something was wrong with my throat, like something was in it," he said. "I saw the burst and explosion take place, and I just threw the e-cig on the ground as it was still on fire." He said he believes the explosion was
caused by a short circuit from a faulty battery.


E-cigarettes should be used with extreme caution. NFPA’s recently released report, Electronic Cigarette Explosions and Fires:The 2015 Experience states that of the 15 e-cigarette incidents reported to
the media in 2015, 13 were described as explosions and two as ignitions. NFPA’s
Smoking and Home fire Safety tip sheet includes e-cigarette precautions.