NFPA member section official inspires legislative move to address firefighter cancer cases

Blog Post created by lisabraxton Employee on May 23, 2016

Brian McQueen, a director on the NFPA Education Section, was featured last week in an article published

in USA TODAY about firefighter cancer cases. Federal legislation has been announced that would establish

a National Firefighter Cancer Registry and direct the Centers for Disease Control and
Prevention to track the types of cancers contracted by volunteer and professional firefighters.

The article states that firefighters contract cancer 14 BrianMcQueen (2) headshot.jpgpercent more often than others

because of the toxins they’re exposed to on the job. Representative Richard Hanna, D-NY,

developed the idea for the registry. His inspiration came from McQueen, who in addition to

serving on the NFPA membership section, is past chief of the Whitesboro Volunteer Fire

Department. McQueen was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma in December 2013. His physicians
linked his cancer to more than three decades as a volunteer firefighter. McQueen has

developed an educational program in central New York to alert others to the potential dangers. He said that

he is humbled that his experience has served as inspiration to the congressman.