Cooking safely with portable grills and Martha Stewart

Blog Post created by lisamariesinatra Employee on May 31, 2016

Portable grilling safety.JPGPlanning an overnight camping trip? Going for a picnic in the park or on the beach? Or maybe you're heading to a tailgating party over the next few weeks. No matter what outdoor event you organize, food is sure to play a major role in the festivities, right? But while gas grills come with their own set of safety guidelines and recommendations, hibachis and other small portable grills that require charcoal - and are often used away from the home - include a separate set of safety considerations.


The following are a handful of important tips you'll want to follow:


* Before you make plans to head to a campground or park, check if the area has any fire restrictions in place, and choose only those areas where fires are permitted.

* When lighting the grill, choose only lighter fluid intended for charcoal grills

* Have an adult present at all times when a campfire or grill is burning. Keep the fire small and never leave a fire unattended

* When you've finished cooking, empty coals into a metal container with a tight-fitting lid that is used only to collect coals. Never empty coals directly into a trash can


Check out NFPA's new webpage to find these and other simple safety guidelines to follow when traveling and using your portable grill. NFPA is also proud to be a content contributor for Martha Stewart Living. Check out our latest post about portable grill fire safety on the Martha Stewart site and while you're at it, peruse the pages to find a number of wonderful, delicious recipes to make for family and friends.


Enjoy fun travels, everyone, and safe cooking this summer season!