Sparky checks off bucket list item #24: Walk the Freedom Trail in Boston

Blog Post created by audreycooney Employee on Jun 3, 2016

#24 - Freedom Trail.jpgThis week, Sparky visited Boston to walk the Freedom Trail, a collection of 16 historical sites that all have ties to the Revolutionary War. Sites include the Old State House (as shown in this photo), the former center of the Massachusetts government that was the site of several significant events leading up to U.S. independence and more. A notorious red brick pathway helps people find their way between all 16 sites as they walk their way through Boston.


Sparky turned 65 on March 18, 2016, and we have been pulling out all the stops to help him celebrate! He’s created a bucket list of 65 activities and events he’d like to accomplish from now through October. As he checks them off his list, we’ll make sure to share them with you. Some of Sparky’s wishes are pretty lofty, while others are just fun or a bit silly. Check in weekly to see where he goes and what he’s up to!