Biting into America's grilling techniques and fire safety

Blog Post created by lisamariesinatra Employee on Jun 8, 2016

According to an article on Mashable, titled, "Grilled in the U.S.A./Smoke, Flame and Char: Biting into America's Greatest Grilling Techniques" the U.S. isn't always united on the best methods for grilling despite how much of it we do every year. So, BUSH's Beans got down to business and conducted a survey to learn just what makes the ultimate grilling experience for people across the country. Their findings are part of the article. For instance, according to the survey, did you know that grilling enthusiasts in the south are the most likely to grill on Christmas? Or that grillers everywhere almost unanimously add sauce to ribs, but very rarely on burgers? Some of the other fun stats they found include:


* Liver and rabbit are the most commonly grilled exotic meats

* About 1 in 4 grill owners also owns a smoker, and nearly all smoker owners also own a grill

* 93% of the U.S. thinks grilling is better than smoking meat

* When it comes to grilling alone, 49% of men think that "offering to help" is the same as "invading my space"; 37% of women feel the same way


Grilling.JPGRead the full article to get a flavor (no pun intended!) of the kinds of recipes and grilling techniques used at restaurants throughout the U.S. from Texas to Georgia to Chicago, and check out the interactive map that provides specific statistics for each region of the country. (Living here in Boston, I just had to check the Northeast: 96% of those surveyed here own a grill while 79% prefer gas-powered grills! That's a lot of grilling going on here!)


And while the article is a lot of fun to read, please do make sure your grilling fire safety skills are top notch. Tips on cleaning and testing your grill can be found on our website. You can also get some valuable tips on how to keep your family and friends safe from burns and fires. Download our tips sheet and keep it handy for instant review before you light up the grill.


With any luck the summer will last a good long time so start off on the right foot and make sure you are prepared to grill safely today!


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Photo: Courtesy of Samantha Roby/ChicagoFoodAuthority on Istagram