Fire Prevention Week materials offer unique ways to address audiences

Blog Post created by lisabraxton Employee on Jul 27, 2016

The evening of May 25, 2016, was a special time for me. It was when I pulled out of a car
dealership behind the wheel of a brand new sporty sedan and left my rusted out "tin can on wheels" in my rearview mirror.

FPW IN A BOX 2016.png

A few days ago my husband reminded me again that I had homework to do: reading the owner’s manual. I pulled the book out of its attractive, electric blue slipcover, cracked the spine, and treated it as a breezy review. That is, until I got to the chapter on carbon monoxide (CO).

I was pleased to see that the chapter included an explanation of CO, the dangers it poses, and precautions that should be taken, the same messaging that is included in NFPA’s Carbon Monoxide Alarms Brochure.

When people make plans for Fire Prevention Week, NFPA’s brochures–which can include the Carbon Monoxide Alarms Brochure or others–can be mixed and matched so that fire safety presentations are tailored to the needs of the community. This year’s FPW campaign offers a number of ways to deliver essential messaging uniquely, from customized T-shirts, to Community Helper Bundles, to FPW in a Box for various audience sizes.



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