Chirping alarm offers reminder of importance of Fire Prevention Week messages

Blog Post created by lisabraxton Employee on Jul 28, 2016


After I arrived at my parents’ house last week for a much-needed vacation, I realized almost immediately that

the relaxation portion of the trip would have to wait. My mother was preparing dinner, the doorbell was ringing, announcing the arrival of an aunt, cousin, and friend, and my niece and nephew had their laser focus on their smart phones, locked in a Pokémon GO battle that they wanted to lure me into.


It’s no wonder that the intermittent chirping coming from the main floor hallway went unaddressed. That is,

until my sister said with an edge in her voice, “I wish that chirping would stop. It’s getting on my nerves!” She then went back to helping my mother prepare the pasta.


I decided to rummage through the utility drawer until I found a 9-volt battery to replace the old one in the smoke alarm. I got my family to pause from their activity long enough to remind them of the importance of replacing the battery right away if the smoke alarm chirps.


NFPA’s Fire Prevention Week products, including FPW News, and the Fire Prevention Week Adult Brochure

offer a comprehensive list of safety tips about smoke alarms designed to work for up to ten years and other types of alarms—information that’s essential for reaching family and friends, as well as members
of your community.


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