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Sparky traveled to Boston where he got to spend the day in the historic Faneuil Hall. The building itself was built in 1742, and is where they originally held town meetings for the people of Boston. The famed "Golden Grasshopper" weathervane was placed atop Faneuil Hall. In 1761, a fire at Faneuil Hall damaged the grasshopper weathervane. Thomas Drowne, a blacksmith and the son of the grasshopper's creator, repaired the weathervane and inserted a "time capsule" in its stomach. The capsule, which is engraved "Food for the Grasshopper," includes historical newspapers, coins, and messages from mayors that have been added as the grasshopper has been periodically refurbished


Sparky turned 65 on March 18, 2016, and we have been pulling out all the stops to help him celebrate! He’s created a bucket list of 65 activities and events he’d like to accomplish between his birthday and October. As he checks them off his list, we’ll make sure to share them with you. Some of Sparky’s wishes are pretty lofty, while others are just fun or a bit silly. Check in weekly to see where he goes and what he’s up to!

Community-wide events are at the core of Fire Prevention Week activities in Springfield, Massachusetts.

“When people see the banners and the materials we give out, we always get a big crowd,” saysFPW in a Box.png
Springfield Fire Department Fire Inspector/Fire and Life Safety Educator Willie Spears.


He says  that Fire Prevention Week in a Box, along with the Sparky® Fire Hats and a few other items  offer  what the department needs for school libraries, community centers, senior centers, and the local mall.


“They are really effective in getting the community’s attention,” he adds.


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