Sparky’s Coloring Book is big seller in Columbus, Ohio, for Fire Prevention Week effort

Blog Post created by lisabraxton Employee on Sep 7, 2016

If you ask Lt. David Sawyer, Columbus Division of Fire, which Fire Prevention Week product
is most popular with his department, without hesitation he says that it’s Sparky’s® Coloring Book. “Kids love it,” he says. “Historically we’ve ordered 10,000. The front page, the graphics, that’s what attracts kids to it. Other
coloring books we’ve given them weren’t as visually appealing.”


Sparky's Coloring Book.pngThe public outreach officer says that within a month, his department can give out 5,000 coloring books. He says they are a great supplement to all of the items included in Fire Prevention Week in a Box. “I’ve ordered five this year,” he says. He added that the battalions divide the materials among the fire stations, providing plenty of giveaways for both kids and adults.


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