The "Smoke Alarm Challenge"!

Blog Post created by meredithhawes Employee on Sep 19, 2016

Unless you are still one of the rare exceptions to the rule, having no Facebook page, and maybe even still using a flip-phone, you have not escaped being "challenged" to do something within 24 hours for a good cause.  Whether it was helping ALS, your marriage, your friendships, or even being witness to the extremely dangerous "fire challenge" that plagued our virtual worlds for a short time, we are all familiar with the concept of the "challenge".


Over the weekend, one of my FB buddies took a moment to re-post a memory from a few years ago and before I knew it, I was wrangled into yet another challenge.  But this one, in my opinion, is worth passing along! The "Smoke Alarm Challenge" asks that you take the time to test your smoke alarms, and most importantly post it and challenge a few of your 1000 closest FB friends.  Freshen it up this year by also challenging your friends to check the date on their smoke alarms or by using the NFPA Fire Prevention Week infographic!



This year’s Fire Prevention Week campaign, “Don’t Wait – Check the Date! Replace Smoke Alarms Every 10 Years”


Pass it along.  Let's go viral!