Tulsa Fire Department considers NFPA Fire Prevention Week materials the winning ticket

Blog Post created by lisabraxton Employee on Sep 26, 2016


The Tulsa Fire Department in Oklahoma has earned a reputation for designing
attention-getting public education exhibits for community events. In fact, the department has

won the most Educational Booth Awards at the Tulsa State Fair. A key ingredient of this

achievement is the inclusion of NFPA educational materials and particularly Fire Prevention Week

items, said Tulsa Fire Department Assistant Fire Marshal Tom Hufford.


“I love all of the NFPA materials,” he said. “NFPA puts its heart and soul into making the materials TOM SAFETY TRAILER.jpg

professional and eye-catching.” Hufford said the Fire Prevention Week Banner and Sparky® Fire Hats  are among the items that will be on display at the state fair in October and other events during Fire  Prevention Week. “We use all of the safety materials all year long at hundreds of health and safety

events,” he added. “I can be sure NFPA has the most up-to-date and correct safety information.”



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