Fire Prevention Week Hits Home:  We didn’t wait - we checked the date of our smoke alarms!

Blog Post created by kellyransdell Employee on Oct 11, 2016

mewsa.jpgEach weekend at our house, these days, includes a home project since our home just turned 10 years old.  After a decade, we have replaced an ice maker, our carpet is showing wear after two small kids but the one item that was always on my mind was our smoke alarms.  Thanks to all the new technology we opted for smoke alarms that are interconnected with lithium battery backup so no more late night battery chirps.  After we installed our smoke alarms this weekend and I put the kids to bed, I walked around the house and admired our new smoke alarms and gave a sigh of relief.  As we enter Fire Prevention Week, take the time to check the date on your smoke alarms. Our Fire Prevention Week site gives you all the information to check your alarms and make sure your family is safe.  Let’s make sure our homes are safe as we help keep all homes safe from fire.mikesmokealarm.jpg