Thanksgiving:  a time for thanks and the recognition of fire-safe cooking practices

Blog Post created by lisamariesinatra Employee on Nov 14, 2016

I have to admit, it feels like yesterday that we were sunning on the beach and enjoying the spoils of summer, but here we are a week and a half away from one of the biggest cooking (and eating!) events of the year!


There’s no doubt Thanksgiving is a wonderful time of year for families and friends to get together. But because we spend so much time in the kitchen baking, roasting and sautéing our favorite foods, and usually amidst lots of activity and a house full of people, the risk for home cooking fires increases. According to NFPA’s latest report, home cooking fires peak on major U.S. holidays; Thanksgiving being the leading day for such fires. Did you know that almost four times the number of home cooking fires occurred on this holiday from 2010 – 2014?

“It’s often a combination of factors that contribute to an increased risk of home cooking fires on Thanksgiving,” says NFPA’s vice president of Outreach and Advocacy, Lorraine Carli. “People are preparing multiple dishes for many guests and there can be plenty of distraction in the home, which can make it all too easy to forget what’s on the stove,” she says. “That’s when cooking mishaps are most likely to occur.”

No matter what kitchen we find ourselves helping out in this Thanksgiving, we can all reduce our risk for injuries and damage caused by fires by following a handful of important safety tips. The slide show below shows you how:



Share this slide show with friends and family, your colleagues and even your neighbors. Find additional tips and resources, including statistics, infographics, videos and more to share on NFPA’s Thanksgiving webpage and cooking fire safety page.


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As we head into the holidays season, enjoy your time with the ones you love and always remember to keep fire safety at the top of your priority list!