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The explosion of a food truck caused the loud "boom" heard across LaGrange, New York, Tuesday. According to the Poughkeepsie Journal, the truck parked outside a home exploded in the early morning hours. LaGrange Fire District Deputy Chief Barry Ward said there is a "high degree of certainty" that the explosion was caused by a propane gas leak within the truck and it was accidental.

Multiple calls from neighboring homes reported a boom that rang across LaGrange for miles. The Dutchess County Sheriff's Department reported that a food prep trailer exploded, partially damaging the house where it was parked. The three occupants left the house without injuries.

There was a gas leak from one of the Food Truck Tip Sheet Image.JPGtrailer's two 100-pound propane tanks, Ward said. Firefighters controlled the leak by shutting off the tank and used meters to check for explosive gas in the
house, as well as thermal imaging cameras to see if there were any potential hidden fires or potential gas vapors in the structure.

Food trucks have been gaining popularity in recent years, and to date. NFPA 58: Liquefied Petroleum Gas Code covers the topics of design, construction, installation, and operation of LP-Gas systems including piping, equipment, containers, venting, and highway transportation of LP-Gas. Propane containers and piping installed on vehicles for purposes other than engine fuel, including mobile kitchens, are covered in section 6.24 of the 2014 edition.

NFPA's Fire Safety Tips for Mobile Cooking Operations provides a number of fire prevention tips.


Last week State Farm in conjunction with Recycled Rides gave New Bern Fire Marshal Danny Hill and his arson dog Darby a new truck so arson dog.jpgthey could ride in style but also have a truck to maneuver all types of terrain while investigating fires in the eastern part of NC.  Arson Awareness Week in conjunction with the US Fire Administration was highlighted in NC with a press event that featured an arson dog demonstrating how she detects flammable liquids at fire scenes which saves fire investigators hours when arson is arson sign.jpgsuspected.  Over 90 teams help fight arson in communities across the US.  NFPA worked with the urban task force to create an Arson Awareness PowerPoint for local communities to use with community groups. This presentation is a great addition to your toolkit to help keep your community safe.    Thanks to State Farm for working with fire officials across the US to combat arson and equip fire departments with Arson Dogs.  #statefarmcares

#18 - St Louis Arch.jpgSparky checked another item off his list when he visited the Gateway Arch in St. Louis, Missouri. Originally built to memorialize St. Louis' role in the United States' westward expansion, the arch stands at 630 feet tall and weighs 43,220 pounds! It’s also designed to sway as much at 18 inches to resist earthquakes, although most of the time the arch is stationary. From the arch, visitors can see both Missouri and Illinois, as well as the Mississippi River flowing directly past it.


Sparky turned 65 on March 18, 2016, and we have been pulling out all the stops to help him celebrate! He’s created a bucket list of 65 activities and events he’d like to accomplish from now through October. As he checks them off his list, we’ll make sure to share them with you. Some of Sparky’s wishes are pretty lofty, while others are just fun or a bit silly. Check in weekly to see where he goes and what he’s up to!

A 17-year-old from New York State was hospitalized last week when the e-cigarette he was puffing on exploded, burning his face, throat and hands.


According to NBC Charlotte, Ryan Scholand has a hole in the back of his throat, deep cuts on his
hands and scars on his upper lip. He said he had just replaced the battery in the e-cigarette–a cigarette-shaped battery-operated device containing a
nicotine-based liquid that is vaporized and inhaled and is used to give an experience similar to smoking. Scholand says that when he pressed the ignition button to fire up the e-cigarette and release the vapor, it exploded in his hand.


He said the battery base shot out like a projectile onto the floor while the aluminum upper-part of the frame shot into his throat.


"I immediately Smoking tip sheet.JPGfelt a really hot sense of smoke going down my throat. I immediately thought
something was wrong with my throat, like something was in it," he said. "I saw the burst and explosion take place, and I just threw the e-cig on the ground as it was still on fire." He said he believes the explosion was
caused by a short circuit from a faulty battery.


E-cigarettes should be used with extreme caution. NFPA’s recently released report, Electronic Cigarette Explosions and Fires:The 2015 Experience states that of the 15 e-cigarette incidents reported to
the media in 2015, 13 were described as explosions and two as ignitions. NFPA’s
Smoking and Home fire Safety tip sheet includes e-cigarette precautions.

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