Family believes hoverboard caused fire that destroyed home

Blog Post created by lisabraxton Employee on Jan 10, 2017

Image of hoverboard and bulleted list of safety tips

A family in Washington, D.C. has to find a new home after a devastating fire Friday that started with a hoverboard given to the son as a Christmas gift. According to NBC4, the fire happened while the family was out running errands. They had left the self-balancing scooter plugged in and charging. When they returned, they found it on fire.

The mother and two sons are getting help with housing from the Salvation Army. They lost everything but the clothing they were wearing.

NFPA’s Hoverboard Safety tip sheet includes these precautions:

  • Do not leave a hoverboard unattended.
  • Stop using your hoverboard if it overheats.
  • Never leave the hoverboard plugged in overnight.

Some hoverboard fires have involved the lithium-ion battery or charger. The tip sheet also includes a list of signs to look for indicating that there is a problem and what to do if you notice any of these signs.