Fire Prevention Week coloring sheet adds a dose of fun to safety messaging

Blog Post created by lisabraxton Employee on Jun 12, 2017

Image of coloring sheet with safety message at the center, floral design along the perimeter

I haven’t picked up a crayon since I was in elementary school, but when a downloadable coloring sheet was added to this Ladies sitting at a round table coloringyear’s Fire Prevention Week materials, I couldn’t resist the urge to round up some co-workers, hand out a set of assorted colored pencils and relive my youthful days of creating artwork worthy of being tacked onto the refrigerator door. Pictured left to right are Michele Steinberg, me, Stacey Sullivan, and Faith Berry, chatting and giggling like schoolgirls as we brought to life in vivid fashion not only the floral design framing the sheet, but the important message at its center: Plan 2 Ways Out Of Every Room. After giving the coloring sheet a “test run,” all of us are sure both kids and adults will delight in this activity.