Make a "safe" splash this summer!

Blog Post created by meredithhawes Employee on Jun 29, 2017


Whether you are comfortable opening your eyes underwater, or not, is a matter of preference, but be sure to always keep your eyes wide open above-water for safety!  Electrical Shock Drowning or ESD can occur when faulty wiring sends an electrical current into the water. The current then passes through the body, causing paralysis, and results in drowning.  

Knowing what to look for and how to respond can save your life or those around you.  NFPA offers important tips for swimmers, boat owners, and pool owners, To learn more about the risks of ESD, check out NFPA's water safety page, or listen to a recent radio interview with Regional Education Specialist Meredith Hawes and Maryanne McGerty-Sieber from the Consumer Product Safety Commission, and then feel safe to make a splash!