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September is Campus Fire Safety Month and NFPA and The Center for Campus Fire Safety (The Center) are working together to help raise awareness of the dangers of fires among college-aged students who live in on- and off-campus housing. During this third week of our “Campus Fire Safety for Students” campaign, we’re focusing on the dangers of overloading extension cords, power strips and outlets.


When it comes to college housing, there’s usually more than one person sharing the space and that means LOTS of computers, cell phones, iPads, appliances, lamps (need I keep going?) that need to be on and charged on a daily basis.


When you put too many plugs into an extension cord and load up an outlet, it’s important to remember you’re overloading the circuit, which in turns heats up and catches fire. The short video below features a local student who provides this and a few other tips that point out the correct way to use a power strip and outlet.



If you’re a fire safety educator, a professional responsible for student safety on campus, or a parent, take a couple of seconds to review the video and share it with your student(s) on social media, online or in a face-face meeting. 


Learn more about the campaign and get additional resources like checklists and our  student-to-student tip sheet at and

Lesson plan sheet for natural disasters from the "Get Ready" kit

Many people have experienced the challenges of rebuilding their lives after a disaster or other emergency. In stressful times like these, having access to personal financial, insurance, and medical records is crucial for beginning the process of recovering. During this third week of National Preparedness Month the theme is “Practice and Build out Your Plans.” NFPA has joined forces with FEMA for National Preparedness Month and has a number of resources communities can use along with FEMA materials with this week’s theme in mind.

The Natural Disasters page of the NFPA website offers general preparedness tips and a listing of agency resources. NFPA’s toolkit, “Get Ready: Preparing Your Community for a Disaster,” includes a PowerPoint presentation for providing disaster preparation tips to the public. The toolkit’s fact sheets help with preparation for varied types if disasters, including blackouts, floods, hurricanes, and tornadoes. Fact sheets are also available in Spanish.

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