Campus fire safety: keep stairwells clear to make evacuation easy

Blog Post created by lisamariesinatra Employee on Sep 27, 2017

September is Campus Fire Safety Month and NFPA and The Center for Campus Fire Safety (The Center) are working together to help raise awareness of the dangers of fires among college-aged students who live in on- and off-campus housing. During this last week of our “Campus Fire Safety for Students” campaign, we’re focusing on the importance of keeping stairwells clear for emergency evacuations.


For anyone who has lived in dorm room or off campus apartment, you know the rooms are small there is never enough space to store your belongings. But that doesn’t mean the hallway should act as a substitute closet. Keeping exit doors and the stairs clear of “stuff” allows students to make a fast escape in case of a fire.


The short video below features a local college student who provides this and a few other tips that point out the importance of keeping stairwells clear for emergencies.



If you’re a fire safety educator, a professional responsible for student safety on campus, or a parent, take a couple of seconds to review the video and share it with your student(s) on social media, online or in a face-face meeting. 


Learn more about the campaign and get additional resources like checklists, tip sheets you can share at and