NFPA’s position on portable fire extinguisher training and children

Blog Post created by lisabraxton Employee on Nov 30, 2017

Cover image of 2017n Educational Messages Desk ReferenceNFPA believes that children should not be trained how to operate portable fire extinguishers. Teaching children to use portable fire extinguishers runs counter to NFPA messaging to get out and stay out if there is a fire. Furthermore, children may not have the maturity to operate a portable fire extinguisher properly or decide whether or not a fire is small enough to be put out by the extinguisher. They may not have the physical ability to handle the extinguisher or dexterity to perform the complex actions required to put out a fire. In the process of extinguishing flames, children may not know how to respond if the fire spreads. NFPA continues to believe that only adults who know how to operate portable fire extinguishers should use them. For safety tips, see the fire extinguishers page of the NFPA website and the NFPA Educational Messages Desk Reference 2017 Edition.