Statewide Smoke Alarm Canvass a Success in NC

Blog Post created by kellyransdell Employee on Jun 26, 2018

91 fire fatalities to date?  Yes officials in NC are distressed with the fact that more reported fire deaths have occurred through June of this year than for the whole year of 2017.  90 fire departments participated in the first statewide canvass event held last Saturday to bring awareness to the importance of working smoke alarms.  With over 3100 smoke alarms installed in the 1100 homes with non-working smoke alarms and 517 homes with no smoke alarms, many people could sleep better after this past weekend.   Fire department personnel, Red Cross volunteers and other organizations from across the state joined forces with the State Fire Marshals Office to go door to door in high risk areas of towns, cities and counties.  Firefighters could not believe the number of homes that did not have working smoke alarms and hope to continue with smoke alarm canvasses in the coming weeks and months in order to make sure people are protected.  Great job NC!