Vision 20/20 launches Fire Safety Materials Generator to help fire service reach their communities

Blog Post created by laurenbackstrom Employee on Jul 16, 2018

Vision 20/20 just launched their  Fire Safety Materials Generator, created with funding from AFG. The Materials Generator allows fire departments to design their own public education materials based on the latest social marketing research, and customize them to reflect the demographics and fire risks of their community. This online tool makes it easy to brand the materials with your own logo and contact information, and to select text and images that have been proven through testing to have the greatest impact on audiences, especially those at high fire risk.

The messages you’ll find in the Materials Generator focus on smoke alarms for now, but Vision 20/20 will be adding new content on cooking safety in the near future. 

Vision 20/20 believes (and we agree!) that the new Materials Generator will make it easier for fire departments to reach their diverse communities with well-researched materials and methods. By expanding the availability of customized outreach tools designed to educate the public (especially high risk audiences) about the value of and need for working smoke alarms, Vision 20/20 hopes to help create a national in-kind marketing strategy that reaches millions of people nationally. Rallying fire departments across the nation by making it easy and affordable to deliver their message locally is a great start.  

To access the Materials Generator and other Vision 20/20 resources, visit