Wasps nest puts family at peril by causing carbon monoxide buildup

Blog Post created by lisabraxton Employee on Aug 17, 2018

Image of carbon monoxide alarm followed by bulleted list of safety tips

Wasps put a family at risk in Bellevue, Washington recently. Firefighters were called to the home because the carbon monoxide alarms were sounding. The home registered elevated levels of carbon monoxide. Firefighters discovered that wasps built a nest in a tankless hot water heater exhaust pipe. According to a news report, the nest completely blocked off the pipe. Officials want to remind everyone about the importance of having working carbon monoxide alarms in the home and periodically checking all exhaust outlets for obstructions.

Carbon monoxide alarms should be installed outside each separate sleeping area, on every level of the home, and in other locations as required by laws, codes, or standards. NFPA’s Carbon Monoxide Safety tip sheet provides additional precautions.