Teaching fire safety to children - there is an app for that!

Blog Post created by vholub Employee on Mar 19, 2019


Sparky’s birthday may have been yesterday, but the fun continues this week as the iconic fire dog shares fun, educational resources designed to help inform children about fire prevention.


NFPA’s floppy-eared mascot points to an informative and interactive tool today that is well-loved by parents, teachers, and kids. The Sparky Birthday Surprise App includes a storybook that shows the fire pup celebrating his birthday with friends while highlighting fire safety tips in an entertaining and engaging manner. This section has a read aloud feature, and uses different sound effects that help children better understand life safety situations and emergency notifications. For example, the sound of a smoke alarm is accentuated so that children become more familiar with that piece of life-saving fire protection equipment, and the steps that families need to take when smoke alarm sounds are featured, including:


  • Know the sound of the smoke alarm.
  • If the smoke alarm sounds, remember to get outside and stay outside.
  • Once you are outside, go to your meeting place.


When learning is fun, kids are more apt to retain knowledge and know how to respond if an emergency occurs. The Sparky Birthday Surprise App reiterates important lessons throughout by asking users questions and providing answers. Additionally, there are games such as “Birthday Shapes,” “Piñata Counting,” and “Sparky Addition” that challenge kids to count, identify shapes, and build brain power. Those that love art will particularly enjoy the app’s “Paint” option. This helpful fire safety resource is available in English and Spanish; and can be downloaded via the App Store, Google Play, and Amazon.