Keep children busy and safe with Sparky's smoke alarm mystery app!

Blog Post created by vholub Employee on Mar 20, 2019


NFPA’s Sparky & the Case of The Missing Smoke Alarms is an entertaining app that teaches children essential messages about fire prevention through creative storytelling and real-world safety questions. The tool is just one of several resources being highlighted this week as America’s favorite fire dog celebrates his 68th birthday.


The curious tale chronicles the exploits that Sparky® and his friends undertake when they learn that a loved one’s home is missing its smoke alarms. Users can choose to read the story on their own or select an audio storytelling feature to learn about the foursome’s search for the lifesaving devices, and their identification of other safety mishaps along the way.


“We all need smoke alarms in our homes,” Sparky reminds the app users. “They let us know if there is a fire.”


To that end, the app emphasizes the importance of people paying attention to their surroundings and being well-informed about safety measures by asking questions such as, “Why does a home need more than one smoke alarm?” or “What would you do in this situation?”


To find out what Sparky and the gang discovered during their search for the missing smoke alarms, to learn lifelong fire safety lessons, and to access helpful materials for educating school-age children, please download Sparky & the Case of The Missing Smoke Alarms at App Store, Google Play, and Amazon.