Thanksgiving in June? A creative approach to hurricane preparedness.

Blog Post created by kellyransdell Employee on Jun 12, 2019

With the month of June roaring like a lion through the nation with severe storms, it is the perfect time to prepare for hurricanes and other natural disasters.  Thanksgiving in June: Be Hurricane Ready was designed by Life Safety Education Systems to be an easy and effective program for families to manage the food portion of their hurricane supply kit. Hurricane season runs from June 1st through November 1st making Thanksgiving a perfectly timed opportunity to utilize the food component of their hurricane supply kit if not used during hurricane season. The program follows a micro-learning approach, which focuses on one key component of an overall topic. In this case our focus is on the food supply component for hurricane preparedness. While the program can be a standalone community outreach activity, it can also be added into a more comprehensive program which covers all the recommendations for a hurricane supply kit. 

Since everyone’s Thanksgiving meal can be different, this program allows the community to create their own hurricane food shopping list tailored to their own tastes and traditions. To begin with, brainstorm recipes one may typically make during the Thanksgiving and winter holidays. These recipes can include traditional meals as well as some non-traditional favorites. Then, identify the ingredients in those recipes that are non-perishable items for the hurricane food shopping list. Lastly, evaluate the shopping list to ensure the quantities of all the items will provide enough food for all family members to last at least 7 days. Remember to include water (1 gallon per person per day) and a can opener for the kit!

In the event of a Hurricane, the Thanksgiving in June kit that was assembled can be used. If the kit is not used, the non-perishable items can be enjoyed as part of the holiday recipes or donated to a food bank to assist the community.

The Thanksgiving in June: Be Hurricane Ready Program can be delivered to the community in a variety of different formats such as a social media campaign, part of a community hurricane forum, or even hosted by a local supermarket. We are excited to partner with our local South Florida Wal-Mart locations which will be providing a table display of sample non-perishable items and a sample shopping list handout. We hope to grow the program nationwide and look forward to assisting other communities with implementing the program.  To gather more tips on how to prepare before, during and after a disaster download the Get Ready Community Kit which includes lesson plans, training tips and more.