Spotlight on the Network Representative: Stephanie Stafford

Blog Post created by lisabraxton Employee on Oct 1, 2019


The NFPA Public Education Network is made up of fire and life safety education representatives for every state and province who disseminate NFPA information to fire safety educators throughout their state or province. 

Periodically, NFPA will be highlighting success stories from network members. In this post we feature Fire Prevention Coordinator Stephanie Stafford, Oregon State Police/ Office of the State Fire Marshal.

Stephanie Stafford, Oregon - Member of the NFPA Public Education Network

When asked to identify a success in her state in terms of fire and life safety, Stephanie Stafford cites the smoke alarm/carbon monoxide (CO) alarm program, which provides training to real estate agents and property managers on the law.

“When a home is sold in Oregon it has to have adequate protection. We’re educating real estate agents so that when they’re working with clients they make sure that they have the proper smoke alarms and CO alarms installed in their homes.”

She also said that she and her colleagues work with landlords to make sure they are providing adequate smoke alarms and carbon monoxide alarms in rental properties as required by law.

Different strategies are used to reach the audience. “We train real estate associations, so it’s a group of realtors in the local county or jurisdiction, or we’ll train a real estate agency and all of their staff.”

Another approach is regional trainings. These are scheduled throughout the state and then marketed to all of the agencies in that area.

Stafford considers the program a “win-win.” “It helps real estate agents earn continuing education units and it ensures that we have more homes with adequate protection.”