Use Our FPW Out of the Box Ideas to Share Kitchen Fire Safety with the Whole Community

Blog Post created by cthompson Employee on Sep 22, 2020

With so many of us working and studying either from home or in new arrangements created to socially distance, COVID-19 has certainly changed how we connect. However, there are still countless creative ways to showcase this year’s Fire Prevention Week theme, “Serve Up Fire Safety in the Kitchen.” NFPA has created a list of Out of theFPW Out of the Box Ideas document Box ideas to help you get the word out about cooking safety.



Among these resources are tips and recommendation for connecting with community partners. Many businesses and organizations champion safety so include them in your outreach efforts. Check with insurance and protection companies, community-based groups focused on support for families, and other local businesses to see if they would be interested in partnering up. They may have a budget for fire-safety messaging, which can be used for co-branding materials, FPW products, and shared media spots.



Drive-thru and social media events and activities also offer opportunities to engage the whole community.

Watch the recording of our “Out of the Box” Fire Prevention Week Webinar for more interesting ideas. Also, take a look at the Keep Your Community Cooking Safely toolkit, which provides resources for getting kitchen safety messaging out in your neighborhood. Activities, tip sheets, and more can all be found on the FPW website.