Use Our Cooking Mini-Lesson to Review Kitchen Safety with Adults in Your Community

Blog Post created by cthompson Employee on Oct 2, 2020

Home is where we feel safest from fire, but it’s also the place most home fires happen. Cooking fires in particular cause the most home fire injuries, with about 470 home cooking fires happening every day in 2018. Adults aged 65 and older are at the highest risk in a home fire. This year’s Fire Prevention week theme, “Serve Up Fire Safety in the Kitchen,” is a great tool for reviewing kitchen-safe practices with all community members, and with NFPA’s Cooking mini-lesson, you can share safe cooking reminders with other adults in your community.


The best way to prepare for an emergency is to use multiple techniques to remember what to do and how to stay safe. To share these messages with a wider audience, consider getting a group together over video call or in an environment where people can socially distance, to complete this activity. Adult Cooking Mini-LessonThe Adult Mini-Lesson walks you through a small curriculum aimed at helping participants recognize unsafe kitchen behaviors and learn better practices that can help keep them safe.


Here are the main takeaways from the lesson that attendees will learn about safe cooking:

  • Stay alert
  • Watch what you heat
  • Keep things that can catch fire well away from heat sources
  • If you are on fire, stop, drop, and roll
  • If you have a fire, get out and stay out. Call 911 from outside


Simple choices like keeping an eye on what you’re cooking and wearing clothes that don’t dangle can significantly lower your risk of having a cooking fire. Fire Prevention Week is October 4-10, 2020. Visit Firepreventionweek.org for the resources you need to help keep your community safe. Let’s all Serve Up Fire Safety in the Kitchen!TM