Thanks to All for a Great Fire Prevention Week and We’re Not Done Yet!

Blog Post created by avastis Employee on Oct 10, 2020


As the 98th annual Fire Prevention Week (FPW) comes to a close, I would like to take this time to thank the our fire departments, community agencies, public educators and all who work so hard to bring fire and life safety education to their communities.   Our world changed the second week of March due to COVID-19, and fire and life safety educators (FLS) were challenged with finding new ways to reach their communities amidst numerous restrictions.


The Public Education Division at NFPA is honored to have been able to be a part of the incredible innovation in this year’s Fire Prevention Week’s activities.  From having over 1400 people attend our FPW Out of the Box Ideas Webinar, to the amazing use of our Social Media Cards and #firepreventionweek, to literally crashing Sparky.org with so many people viewing our new I Spy Cooking Safety Video, we worked together across the U.S., Canada, and areas across the globe to promote home fire safety through our “Serve up Fire Safety,TM” efforts.


Communities held cooking and poster contests, motor vehicle parades, partnered with food pantries and restaurants, made Tik Tok and Youtube videos, all in support of the oldest Public Health Observance in the U.S.  The dedication, creativity, and perseverance of our fire and life safety professionals to Fire Prevention Week, during a pandemic in which most were juggling multiple responsibilities, is a testament to the importance of fire safety education.


While the official observance of FPW is coming to an end, all month long we’ll continue to see communities engaged in a variety of activities to help reduce the incidence of home cooking fires, addressing the number one cause of home fires & home fire injuries.   There’s so much more that we’ll highlight this month as regards to FPW, and there’s so much more great work ahead of us to educate, engage, and advocate for the safety of our communities.


Fire Prevention Week is developed and launched year after year through the amazing work of dedicated professionals here at NFPA, and then it comes to life from all of you out there who do amazing work every day to keep your communities safe.  My sincere thanks to all the fire and life safety educators, burn prevention professionals, school and community educators, and anyone who continues to help their communities to “Serve up Fire Safety in the Kitchen,” during Fire Prevention Week and throughout the year.


Check out the new cooking safety animations created through a collaboration of Vision 20/20, NFPA and US Fire Administration to keep the efforts rolling.  And continue to visit www.fpw.org and www.nfpa.org/education for toolkits, tip sheets, lesson plans and more.


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