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May is Electrical Safety Month and NFPA and ESFI are working together to help raise awareness of electrical hazards.


This week we are talking about electrical receptacles, also known as outlets, and why we should be diligent about ensuring they are tamper resistant. Outlets are all over our homes and offices, schools and preschools, doctor's offices, and most other establishments, so you can sometimes forget the dangers they present, especially with children. Children love to explore and investigate and they use their hands as a way to learn. If you have children at home, you know they might try to stick their fingers or a metal object like a key or a bobby pin into an outlet, so you may have used plastic outlet covers to prevent them. Do these covers actually make outlets tamper resistant? According to the ESFI infographic on tamper resistant receptacles, these plastic covers can be taken off within 10 seconds by children ages 2-4. Tamper resistant receptacles have built in shutters that prevent foreign objects from being inserted into the outlet.


Our new fact sheet also states that injuries from outlets sent 5,500 people to the hospital in 2015, and 27% of those injured were under the age of 5. 


Use these great resources above to learn more about keeping yourself and your family safe from shocks and burns from outlets, and find more electrical safety tips on our website!

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