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6a00d8351b9f3453ef01bb08e4824f970d-800wi.jpgThe Step Up and Stand Out campaign has just released a radio public service announcement (psa) featuring Kix Brooks, nationally recognized country music artist, actor and film producer. The psa will air throughout the month of May 2016. Mr. Brooks encourages residents in volunteer fire service communities to step up and support volunteerism by becoming a volunteer fire fighter.

NFPA has teamed up with Firehouse, Kidde, International Association of Fire Chiefs (IAFC)National Fallen Firefighters Foundation and IAFC Volunteer and Combination Officers Section to support the Step Up and Stand Out campaign. The campaign will increase awareness of the need for volunteer firefighters, encourage volunteer fire departments to conduct community fire and life safety education events and support contest to recognize volunteers who have gone above and beyond in their community.

A webinar is available providing an overview of the campaign, recruiting strategies, resources to support community events and how to use local media as a communication tool.

6a00d8351b9f3453ef01bb08925db1970d-120wi.jpgRecent media coverage and new Underwriters Laboratories (UL) research has brought to the forefront again the issue of whether fire and life safety educators should be saying people should sleep with bedroom doors shut to be safer from fire. NFPA’s Educational Messages Advisory Committee (EMAC) has reviewed the issue in the past and determined that if residents sleep with bedroom doors closed, it is important that they have interconnected smoke alarms.


EMAC will meet March 30-31 at NFPA headquarters in Quincy, MA and is slated to discuss the topic again. And whether or not sleeping with the bedroom door closed should be added to EMAC messaging. EMAC will review new UL research documents, media clips, and other documentation submitted before making a determination on NFPA’s official position. NFPA is accepting comments for revision to the EMAC document through February 26, 2016.


UL research shows how a closed door can keep smoke out of a bedroom longer as well as change the flow of heat and toxic gases, acting as a shield for someone trapped and unable to get out of a fire. NFPA stresses the importance of having a working smoke alarm inside each bedroom, outside each separate sleeping area and on every level of the home. For the best protection, smoke alarms should be interconnected so when one sounds they all sound. Read the full story and watch the videos of each of the UL tests for more information.

Water Rescue
New England had wonderful weather for Labor Day Weekend! I spent the weekend in Camden, ME enjoying the annual Windjammer Festival. Fun events included a Build-a Boat construction with a boat race, a crate race crossing 27 crates without falling in the water and a water rescue demonstration by the Camden Fire Department. Of course I had to introduce myself to the fire department rescue team and Fire Chief Chris Farley. Chief Farley gave me a fire department vest to wear while I took a few pictures of the demonstration to share on our Safety Source blog. During each demonstration, Chief Farley described the rescue method being used. I learned the importance of communicating with the victim during the water rescue. One demonstration focused on a victim thrashing his arms in the water. The fire fighter approached the victim, told him he was there to save him, and then the fire fighter pushed the victim under water to gain control. Once the victim was submerged, he stopped flailing his arms so the rescuer could do his job.

Thanks to the Camden Fire Department for educating residents and vacationers on this lifesaving service performed by fire departments everywhere.

Fire ChallengeThe National Fire Protection Association is joining the Phoenix Society warning of a new “fire challenge” trending on YouTube and social media.  We have experience with the effects of fire, understand the devastating impact of fire on lives, and hope our efforts to warn youth through our social media network will prevent future injuries and deaths from this dangerous activity. A burn injury resulting in life long scarring and possible death can occur in seconds.

Middletown, CT
I was in Middletown, CT just before Halloween. Businesses on Main St. opened their doors to trick-or-treaters with hundreds of families participating. The Middletown Fire Department was handing out candy and fire safety information. I just had to take a photo of Sparky the Fire Dog and the 2013 Fire Prevention Week banner. Thanks to the Middletown Fire Department for their warm hospitality!

NFPA has teamed up with Stride Rite to promote Halloween Safety. The project includes co-branded safety tips and activity sheets for consumer to download. Stride has been very creative with the theme “Trick-or-Feet” to promote safety around decorations and costumes and being seen while trick-or treating! Check out the cool things Stride Rite is promoting. You can also visit them on Facebook.

Curling Iron BurnBurns hurt. I have not used a curling iron in years. Last week I had my hair done for a wedding and my stylist used a curling iron. My hair looked great and it lasted the next day. On Monday morning, I dried my hair and decided to use a curling iron. A big mistake! Somehow, I dropped the iron and it landed on the side of my face. Ouch! I cooled the burn with cool water. It has taken a week for the pain to subside. I still have a scar from the burn, but it is much better. While I did not go to the emergency room, NFPA's "Burns Seen in Hospital Emergency Rooms in 2008" report  highlights 55% of burn injuries seen in the emergency are thermal burns. Only 13% of those burns were due to fire or flames. Forty-two percent were other non-fire thermal burns - typically from contact with hot objects.  

I want to remind readers to be careful when using anything that gets hot. It only takes a second to get a painful burn. Always remember to cool a burn right away with cool water for 3 to 5 minutes. Get medical help is needed. 

Lisa HalloweenHalloween is just around the corner. NFPA’s Lisa Braxton has just completed a short video highlighting Halloween safety tips. So whether you are “trick-or-treating” or “trick-or-trunking”, take the time to watch and learn some important fire safety information. We also have our Halloween safety tips sheet ready for you to download and distribute to residents in your community. BOO!

FPW banner
Have you seen the 2013 Fire Prevention Week banner displayed in your community? Liz Hyde, a colleague at NFPA, shared this photo her mother took in Wells, Maine. Take a photo of the banner in your community and share it with us!


Chief Rory Thompson (Langley Fire Department, British Columbia) just shared a video his department created for Fire Prevention Week. They took the 2013 Fire Prevention Week theme – Prevent Kitchen Fires to the max with a little help from Beyonce!


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NFPA received a 2013 Fire Prevention and Safety Grant to create “A School Year of Fire Safety Education.” This grant will fund the development of two music videos emphasizing the important fire safety messages recognize the sound of the smoke alarm and practice your home fire escape plan. Lesson plans will be created to support the videos with one video aimed at preschool – kindergarten and a second video for grades 1-3. The public education division has started working on the grades 1-3 video. Amy LeBeau and I traveled to Seattle, WA last week for the video shoot with an original song by Recess Monkey . It was so much fun to watch the kids doing rhythm skits for Latin, country and hip hop music. Movement includes pointing and looking up high for the smoke alarm, doing the “sprinkler”, and walking to “get outside.” The movements and messages are repeated throughout the video. Here is the chorus for the song:

    • Point up high
      (kids will point and look up high with right hand)

    • At the

    • Don’t be
      alarmed (kids will put left hand on their left hip)

    • When it
      starts beepin (kids will place left hand beside left ear)

    • When you
      hear that sound beep beep beepin (kids will do the “sprinkler”)

    • Time you
      were goin

    • Find two
      ways out (kids will hold up two fingers)

    • And you’ll
      be knowin (kids will simulate walking to get outside)

 Materials will be released in early


Surgical FireIt’s Fire Prevention Week and the FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) is launching new materials to support its Surgical Fire Prevention Initiative promoting safer practices and sharing fire prevention resources for all health care professionals, and providing important information for patients. They have identified 10 things patients should know about surgical fires. The Prevention Surgical Fires Initiative is celebrating its second anniversary during Fire Prevention Week 2013.


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Barrie Fire and Emergency Service and Simcoe County Fire

Department (Ontario) launchedFire Prevention Week with a flash mob performance

at City Hall. The event included singing, dancing, fire fighters rappelling

form the top of City Hall and even a zip-lining Sparky the Fire Dog ®.

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Fire Prevention Week is just around the corner. Here is some of the fire department events planned.

    • Nicollet County Emergency Management (MN) is
      promoting the importance of home fire escape planning.

    • Spring Lake Park-Blaine-Mounds View Fire
      Department (MN) will be holding open houses at its 4 fire stations. The events
      will provide residents an opportunity to explore fire trucks, ride in the
      bucket of a ladder truck, experience spraying water from a fire hose and learn
      about fire safety.

    • Port Colborne, (ON) Fire and Emergency Services
      has experienced two recent fires resulting from stoves being left unattended.
      The 2013 Fire Prevention Week theme “Prevent Kitchen Fires” provides a great
      opportunity for the fire department to reach out to residents with important
      cooking safety information. The department will host a safety event that will
      include an inflatable safety house,   a
      rollover simulator, hotdogs and drinks, face painting and fire safety

    • The Anderson Elementary School (Trenton, MI) will
      host a walk-a-thon for students, an annual Fire Prevention Week event. Students
      will leave the school with the high school marching band playing for the
      students. When the students finish the walk, they will go to the gymnasium for
      a Fire Prevention Week program conducted by the Trenton Fire Department.

The Liberal (KS) City Commission met recently and proclaimed October 6-12 as Fire Prevention Week. Members of the Liberal Fire Department were on hand, including Sparky the Fire Dog ®.</li> </ul> What have you planned for Fire Prevention Week? Please let us know in the comments section below.


!|border=0|src=|alt=1035|style=margin: 0px 5px 5px 0px;|title=1035|class=asset asset-image at-xid-6a00d8351b9f3453ef019aff5f58cb970d!NFPA 1035Standard for Professional Qualifications for Fire

and Life Safety Educator, Public Information Officer, and Juvenile Firesetter Intervention

is open for public comment. Comments will be accepted through 11-15-13.

Comments can be input via out online electronic submission system. Step by step

guidelinesare available to help with the submission process. Get involved with

this important standard.


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