• NFPA 291 Calculating Rated Capacity at 20 psi

    Hi, I am new to the NFPA 291 code. Please I need some clarification on the fomula for discharge at specified residual pressure /calculating rated capacity at 20 psi (i.e.   For instance: static = 100ps...
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  • Exit Discharge Through Interior Building Areas

    7.7.2 Exit Discharge Through Interior Building Areas. I need assistance for understanding this part for applying it on my case, I work on an auditorium that has no direct exit discharge and all of it's exists compone...
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  • Building and Life Safety: Requirements for Emergency Egress Drills

      It's back to school time. But, what back to school will look like in 2020 will be unlike anything in the past.  Currently, communities are facing unprecedented challenges from the COVID-19 pandemic causin...
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  • Connecting with the Media about Home Fire Sprinklers

    As advocates and educators of home fire sprinklers, we continue to search for ways to help increase awareness about the importance and benefits of this life-saving technology. But as you likely know, getting positive ...
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  • NFPA 72 Sec. - 2019 Edition Pre-Action Monitoring

    Does section of the NFPA 72 2019 edition apply to pre-action sprinkler systems?
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  • Townhouse fires alert families to plan and practice their escape

    Three townhouse fires in three municipalities in the Greater Toronto Area in 10 days is unusual.   Although there’s no pattern to the fires (and no fatalities or injuries), there are similarities – ...
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  • Sulphur conveying system

    Hi I have been working in 1 project about conveying system for Sulphur in Sulphonation plant. I have been checking for some information about assessment due to combustible dust / flameable gas due to this work. I ...
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  • Fire Sprinkler System at ICE CREAM Factory

    Hi, I have been working for design of fire sprinkler system for ICE cream factory. It consist of (1) Installation at packing hall where the temperature of packing hall is 15degC. (2) Installation at Cold Stora...
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  • UL555 listed dampers - smoke migration around the outside of smoke, and/or fire rated dampers

    Compare two 1' x 1' fire dampers. One is German made: Category:Trox 90 minute fire damper 1' x 1' - Wikimedia Commons  and one is domestic: Category:UL555 qualified 3h smoke and fire damper - Wikimedia Commons...
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  • extruded polystyrene board insulation

    Hi everyone,   Can anyone advice if we can use extruded polystyrene board insulation class E as per EN 13501-1 for exterior walls behind stone cladding, if not, what is the accepted classification and ...
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  • Baltimore Explosion Kills Two, Injures Dozens and Highlights a Need for Fuel Gas Detection

      Yesterday morning, an explosion, most likely involving natural gas, ripped through three rowhouses in northwest Baltimore, leaving two dead and seven more transported to hospitals. The blast occurred on the 4-...
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  • EPS load test.

    I have a question about running the monthly load test for an EPS. I work for a hospital and I am running the load tests for our 800 KW generators. According to the compliance guy, the load must be over 30% of the na...
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  • Door and Frame Fire-Rated Labels

    If a door frame carries a 20-minute label, does the door itself have to match that, or can it exceed that?  In other words, if the frame has a 20-minute label, does the door have to also have a 20-minut...
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  • Storage of LP cylinders with a facility

    I have an external gas line within a hospital facility and the service will be cut off to accommodate ongoing construction.  The gas line feeds a vital service within the hospital so I'm trying to devise a way to...
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  • To calculate the storage tank volume ...

    Hello To calculate the storage tank volume , Should water for the number of active sprinklers be collected with water for active fireboxes?  for 5-storey apartment If yes :  According to which part of NFP...
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  • More into Mobile Food Truck

    I want to know more about Mobile Food Truck. Any Help? Regards, Halmblog
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  • What techniques or theories(formula) have been used to create life safety codes (NFPA101)?

    I really want to know for a new study. PLZ
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    TECHNICAL QUERY:  #FIRE HYDRANT For a project site where Fire Station is within travel distance of less than 60 seconds, do we need a private hydrant system OR can we avoid hydrant system as CIVIL DEFENSE FIRE ...
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    The Fire Protection Person of the Year Award was created in 1973 to recognize significant achievement in the protection of humanity and the environment from the ravages of unwanted fire and an outstanding contribution...
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  • grounding electrode conductor connection to concrete encased electrode

    NEC 2014 Section 250.52(A)(3) states that 1/2 inch or larger rebar bonded by tie wire (20 ft or more) can be used as the grounding electrode. When attaching the grounding electrode conductor to the rebar to be encased...
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