• New NFPA Newsletter Delivers Personalized Content to Readers

    In my recent NFPA Journal columns and in the many engaging conversations I have had with people around the world, I have talked about how NFPA continues to grow and evolve to meet the changing needs of our diverse glo...
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  • Question concerning HRC1/2 PPE

    Looking to replace our current arc flash equipment and I am wondering if long coats (lab coats) and leggings are a viable replacement to the coveralls in a HRC1 or HRC2 environment.  
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  • Necesito una Bomba hidraulica para Prueba Hidrostatica de Red Contra Incendio (red de Hidrante), alguna marca o modelo Listada????

    Que bombas listadas hay???Fire Protection Systems
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  • CMDA Storage Sprinklers

    As per NFPA 13-2019 chapter for design densities between 0.2 to 0.34 gpm  CMDA sprinklers with K-8.0 or greater can be used. However, in the market from my research, there are no  listed CMDA spri...
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  • Mechanical duct -floor penetration

    All, I am working on a 3 story building. 3rd story is a attic with metal deck as its floor. But it is accessible and has general storage. I have a mechanical duct which penetrates the attic-metal deck floor and the 2...
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  • LV control  panel primary and secondary  fusing

    In low voltage control panels ( typically 120 VAC PLC panels )  how can the code be correctly applied for fusing from a control transformer to loads such as electronic modules.  One main fuse from the line s...
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  • NFPA Policy Institute and Others Urge Government Officials to Prioritize Responder Access to PPE and COVID-19 Testing

    With Friday’s passage of the CARE Act, over $150 billion will soon be available to help states and municipalities with immediate needs related to the coronavirus. Of these needs, one of the most acute is for per...
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  • Free webinar on “Fuel Load Survey Methodology in Buildings”

    Free webinar on “Fuel Load Survey Methodology in Buildings” When: Thursday, April 2, 2020, 12:30-2:00 pm ET. Presenters: Dr. Negar Elhami-Khorasani, The State University of New York Buffalo, and Dr. Thomas...
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  • Residential Appliances in Business/Assembly Occupancy

    Can residential appliances like an electric range or wall oven be installed in a resident activity/craft kitchen of a building with a business or assembly occupancy without needing to meet NFPA 96 for Commercial ...
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  • Fire services responding to COVID-19 see wildfire on the horizon

    Meghan Housewright, Director of NFPA’s Fire & Life Safety Policy Institute, has a great blog about the impacts of COVID-19 response on local fire department readiness and available PPE equipment.  As sh...
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  • Deactivating Fan Coil Unit in case of fire 

    as we know per code we should shut down any fans having a capacity in excess of 2000 ft3/min (57 m3/min)  my question for fan coil unit with air duct which is serving to locations which might be transfer th...
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  • Convienince Openings

    Can any one gives me example for Convenience Openings as I cannot understand/ differentiate it from the communicating spaces....for ex, if I have a study room that has an inner floor opening to the  the living ro...
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  • False ceiling (Concealed spaces) Flow requirements

    I'm designing a sprinkler system in a ceiling area. I've decided to place sprinklers under and above the ceiling since the ceiling itself is combustible and there are also all electrical and HVAC installations. Are th...
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  • Aspirin for Coronavirus?

    NOTE:  THIS IS NOT MEDICAL ADVICE, ALWAYS CHECK WITH YOUR DOCTOR   I've been researching this... One baby aspirin per day may help against coronavirus, and other viruses that mess with the lungs: https://...
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  • Natural and Man Made Virus, Bacteria and Fungal mitigation measures in Hospitals

    > Sent: Tuesday, March 10, 2020 6:18 PM > To: JGALLAGH@montefiore.org<mailto:JGALLAGH@montefiore.org>  > Subject: RE: Hospital and citywide contamination > > The video I sent you was one o...
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  • Code Revision Highlights to Help (You) Make the Transition to the Latest Edition of the NEC

    As of March 1, 2020, Massachusetts was the only state working off of the newest edition of NFPA 70: National Electrical Code (NEC). However, there are 16 states that have started the process of shifting to the 2020 NE...
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  • Double interlock preaction system - full building coverage

    Are there any occupancy restrictions where a double interlock preaction system may be used?  For example, could an entire hospital (Institutional) provide sprinkler coverage with a preaction system?  It appe...
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  • Dry System Delivery Times

    We have designed three dry systems for an nursing home in Tenn..  The building is divided into (3) riser systems. Each Riser covers Attic Area and Living Area in it section. Upon plan review, the S...
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  • Can anyone tell me the code for a notification appliance being blocked or obstructing view of a signaling device? For example, conducting an inspection and notice that an A/V is covered by a shelf.

    I’ve searched NFPA 72 and NFPA 101 to identify a preventable problem such as, having a visual notification device being blocked by a book shelf during an inspection.
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  • Clarification on XFMR secondary OCPD requirements. 

    When installing a 1300kva Delta 13.8kv primary, 480vac Delta or Wye secondary.  XFMR will have <6% impermanence.  Is it necessary to install a fused disconnect on the secondary of the XFMR with OCPD on th...
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