• NFPA 70, Article 690.31

    I need assistance with interpretation of the following article.  My contractor is using the following Code exception to omit labeling on PV string wires.  Their logic is that each string wire is is pre-fabri...
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  • I am looking for up to date NFPA standards and training on UTV(side by side) operator training and policies

    In my organization we use side by side off road vehicles(UTVs) for all hazards response coverage during special events at city parks, venues, festivals, concerts, etc., in our urban areas.  We have zero trai...
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  • A Better Understanding of NFPA 70E: NFPA 70E Equipment Labeling

    Section 130.5(H) has specific requirements for equipment labels when there are electrical hazards present. For some reason, users of NFPA 70E, Standard for Electrical Safety in the Workplace have troubl...
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  • NFPA 2001

    We have several older clean agent systems that our new inspector are failed because there is no disconnect switch per  As stated they are older systems, two were installed in 2009 and the other in 2006. ...
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  • Are there any fire resistance rating requirements for steel structure supporting equipment on building roof in NFPA?

    The below section is Polypropylene Extrusion Building in Petrochemical Processing Plant. As I understand NFPA 5000 Table 7.4.1, Construction Type II-222 can be applied for this industrial building by the building heig...
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  • Institutional Occupancy 1 hour partitions -75'SBC

    I am trying to understand the life safety requirements of an old legacy hospital at the time it was constructed. I have found references in the 1963 and 75' Southern Standard Building Code (SBC) requiring the Institut...
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  • Learn key wildfire risk reduction skills: valuable training in Las Vegas March 12-13

    Register now for NFPA's Assessing Structure Ignition Potential from Wildfire two-day classroom training in Las Vegas, Nevada, on March 12-13. This class will provide valuable skills and knowledge to help you in y...
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  • Sulphur conveying system

    Hi I have been working in 1 project about conveying system for Sulphur in Sulphonation plant. I have been checking for some information about assessment due to combustible dust / flameable gas due to this work. I ...
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  • Sprinkler heads on both sides of obstruction?

    I work at a healthcare facility whose kitchen has an unusual sprinkler head set up. 7 feet from a sprinkler head, there's an enclosed duct that drops down 1 foot and is 18" wide. 6 inches beyond the edge of the ...
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  • Manual release requirements as per NFPA2001

    Dear, everyone! According to NFPA2001 clause (please see as follows), i understand that once we operate the manual control, the whole system will working forward completely. But i have the two que...
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  • Differences between NFPA 1852 and 1981

    I have been tasked with finding the NFPA standard that was in effect when we purchased our departments air packs  that we are currently using. They were purchased in ??? I need to know what the NFPA standard was ...
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  • NFPA 13 - Concealed spaces

    NFPA 2013 Section - uses the term limited access. Is there a definition for "limited access" or is left up to interpretation by the AHJ?   Thanks
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  • MA Chiefs of Police Association Weighs in on Pending Sprinkler Bill

    The Massachusetts Chiefs of Police Association (MCOPA) urged release from committee and passage of HB 2027 – An Act relative to enhanced fire protection in new one and two family dwellings citing its ability to...
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  • Seismic Design for Distribution Systems in Buildings

    Hello Everyone,   I would like to ask a question about seismic design for distribution systems in buildings. According to NFPA 13 (2019),  "shared support structure (such as trapeze assembly etc.) shall be...
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  • Increasing Home Safety with GFCI Protection

      The 2020 edition of NFPA 70: National Electrical Code (NEC) hit the shelves back in September of 2019 and with its release came a sweeping change to the requirements for ground-fault circuit interrupter protec...
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  • NFPA 130 trainway egress coffin space

    I have a question about NFPA 130 the means of egress within Trainway. In 2010 edition, section, it stated the means of egress within trainway shall be provided with an unobstructed clear width. (with mini...
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  • Fire Rated Door Garage to House

    According to information published by the Topical Fire Series reports (Residential Building Garage Fires 2009-2011*), 2% of all residential fires originated in the attached garage of residential buildings. The root ca...
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  • Air flow impact on heat detector and smoke detector

    For the conventional heat detector, is it OK to be used in the room where the HVAC air flow direction is downwards(from ceiling to floor), and air flow speed no higher than 0.5m/s. The hvac outlet is installed on ceil...
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  • How Important is NFPA-291(5.2) to First Responders?

    First off, I must me transparent that I am not a firefighter, first responder or even in the industry. I am only a regular person that loves our first responders and cares for their safety along with the safety of our...
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  • NFPA 101 - Handrail to be used as guard rail

    As per NFPA 101 V 2018 , is it possible to design Handrail and Guard rail be one element of staircase, if yes what will be permissible heights of guardrail and handrail ? if No, what will be permissible ...
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