• 5 Year Inspections

    Is five year inspections required for systems with CVPC piping if so under what NFPA Standards
    created by larryhoodmail
  • Maximum Transformer Primary Distance

    For a transformer, 450.14 states that where the primary disconnect is remote, it is to be lockable per 110.25 and the location field marked.  For a large building (500K-1M Sqft), is there a code limit to this dis...
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  • City Refuses to Close Electric permit due to lack of UL certificate.

    Hello, we imported Electron-Beam Welding machine from EU to US. We invited UL inspector for the Field Inspection and received a lot of comments. While we working on UL's coments, our city's electric engineer refuses t...
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  • Fuel Dispensers

    Does anyone have a list or know of an agency that would have list of fuel dispenser manufactures and models that meet  the NFPA30A code?
    created by edcollupy
  • Flammable storage cabinet

    Can Combustibles be stored on top of a Flammable storage cabinet?
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  • Research-Based Short Message Creation Tool for Wildfire Emergencies at SUPDET® 2019

    Wildfires continue to be a problem in the United States and abroad. According to the California Department of Insurance, the Camp Fire of November 2018 cost somewhere in the vicinity of $8.5 billion in property loss a...
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  • Use of Flash Paper

    What NFPA code does the use of flash paper for a theater performance fall under?
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  • Fuel Storage Room Electrical

    We have a room in a vacant building that is scheduled to be converted into a "Fuel Storage Room." The items range from 55gal drums of  hydraulic fluid, motor oil, antifreeze, and air compressor lubricant. Aside f...
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  • Article 695 - Fire Pump Disconnecting Means

    Is it allowed to use a molded case switch (magnetic only) for the fire pump disconnecting means? If so, how is it sized since LRC (lock rotor current applies to overcurrent protection only.
    created by div16000
  • Pnueumatic Test For FM200 Piping.

    Hi Guys,   For pneumatic test can we use air pressure instead of nitrogen?     Thanks,   Naqash
    created by naqash.kazmi

    Are Floor Proximity Exit Signs required in a hospital (health care facility) or not? If yes, why are they required as they can be easily damaged by wheel chairs or trolleys? Any special precautions to be taken? If n...
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  • May I ask for the interpretation to point no. 5.2.1 NFPA 88A

    As per NFPA 88 A for parking structures, under 5.2 Compartmentation.. 5.2.1 Those parts of parking structures located within, immediately below, attached to, or less than 3 m (10 ft) from a building used for any othe...
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  • Continual use of USB Ports in computer monitors

    USB fans plugged into USB ports located in computer monitors - I think if the fan power matches the USB port power we are OK (500mA), but not sure.   Second piece is if the monitor goes to sleep, does power to t...
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  • Texas and California reach milestones in Firewise USA

    Residents across the nation have been busy in 2019 taking steps to increase the ignition resistance of homes and communities from wildfire.  Here at NFPA we've seen increased interest in the Firewise US...
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  • NFPA 780 Annex L

    ADJ is defined by equation L. as the equivalent collection area of the adjacent structure which equals 40xLL. However, this is the same methodology in the determination of AL. Seems that the methodology used sh...
    created by kbourassa
  • Experienced Fire Sprinkler Technician

    Confires Fire Protection Service, LLC is currently seeking experienced Fire Sprinkler Technician. This position requires the ability to service, inspect and repair Fire Sprinkler systems for established customers on a...
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  • Engaging youth in disaster preparedness

    The impacts from disasters such as wildfire or flooding are not just felt by adults, but people of all ages.  During week three of National Preparedness Month we want to take a moment to share ways that...
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