• NFPA 13R Basement- What is the Hazard?

    Hello    I am working on a fire sprinkler design/drawing for a 3-Story R-1 Tourist Home, District R-3. They are converting an existing, three-story, single family home into a five unit, short term rental ap...
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  • i am going to active the deluge system with it and its inside

    i am going to active the deluge system with it and its inside  
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  • Is this true

    I am a electrical student at EC Goodwin Technical High School in New Britain and I need some clarification on the 2017 code book Article 210.12 (A)(2) it sounds like we need a arc fault circuit breaker plus a arc faul...
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  • Number of Receptacles in Category 1 Space

    I have a plan review that I'm doing with a room that was originally labeled as "operating" room, now labeled as "trauma/resuscitation."  This is for a stand alone Trauma center building.  The registered...
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  • Does anyone have a good SOP for dealing with a FM 200 discharge?

    Does anyone have a good SOP for dealing with a FM 200 discharge? We recently had a still unexplained event that caused a FM 200 discharge in a small computer room. During the discharge, an employee ran into the room a...
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  • Aerosol Plant Flame detector ?

    Can i use Flame detector for Aerosol plant according to NFPA 30B.
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  • Re: Fire Protection for Conveyor Systems

    Is there any special fire protection requirement for garment conveyor systems?
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  • What does NFPA say regarding the installation of the automatic sprinkler system in an existing textile factory?

    A textile factory qualifies for the recommendation for the automatic sprinkler system as per NFPA. But since the hardware modifications are going to be rigorous, is there an alternate solution for this problem? Can we...
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  • Diesel Fuel Storage Tank Fire Protection

    In one of my project (Fiber Cement board Factory) there is diesel storage tank of 15 m3. Below are my queries:    1) What fire protection system is required for this tank as per NFPA 30 or other NFPA standa...
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  • NFPA-13

    Hi, I have to attend a technical conference please tell me the main point of it.   Thanks: 
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  • 312.2 damp and wet locations

    312.2 says in wet or damp locations to cabinet or cutout boxes shall be mounted so there is at least 1/4 inch airspace between the inclosure and the wall or supporting surface. My question is how to achieve this spaci...
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  • Meter main combo wiring

    With a meter main disconnect combo. Using the main lugs from the disconnect (not one of the additional breakers in the M M combo) to run cable to a interior panel board. Would this designate my Interior panel board as...
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    ELECTRICAL ROOMS - FIRE RATING I'm looking for required fire ratings of Elec Rms in office bldgs, as well as other bldg types. What is the best manual to research: NFPA 101, NFPA 75, or other? Thanks, jksjim
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  • Clarification required in water supply calculation in Aircraft hangar fire protection as per NFPA 409

    Details of the Aircraft Hangar: We need to protect an Aircraft Hangar - Group 1 as per NFPA 409. Our protection scheme is Option 1. Foam water deluge system shall be installed under roof ceiling as primary prote...
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  • 08/18/17: Energized Electrical Work Permit

    According to the 2015 edition of NFPA 70E, which of the following tasks would require an energized work permit in order to be performed in an energized state?
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  • Things to Consider When Designing a House

    The concept of designing and constructing a home is a dream come true for numerous people. Though the question remains, what are some things to consider when designing a house? If you are just beginning your journey, ...
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  • NFPA 70, National Electrical Code, accepting Public Input for Annual 2022 revision cycle

    NFPA 70®, National Electrical Code®, is accepting public input for the Annual 2022 revision cycle (2023 edition).   To submit public input through NFPA's online submission system, go directly to the NF...
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  • SCBA Fire Service Lens Inspection

    NFPA 1852 section reads: Facepiece inspection shall include the following:  (3) Lens checked for holes, cracks, scratches, heat-damaged areas, and a proper seal with the facepiece material.  ...
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  • 70E question regarding light switching

    I have been asked the following question. My answer would be yes, as long as the equipment is maintained and appears to be working properly. What would the correct response be?   I have a client that has a room t...
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  • what is the NFPA 101 requirements for unoccupied buildings

    what are the fire loading requirements for an unoccupied building, scheduled for demolition and in process of being demolished? What are the fire inspection requirements? what is the fire loading requirements &...
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