• Safety & Security requirement

    Hi every one I have some confusing about safety requirement and security requirement. for example:  if i have bank building it has three floor and basement, and the basement is a vault floor. so the...
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  • Did something change? I cannot seem to reply in Xchange any longer

    I was trying to reply to this post: Foam Sprinkler Test connection , but there's no where to click to reply. And then there's the issue of this Publish Location drop down that has a bunch of greyed out locat...
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  • Sprinkler protection for varied chemicals

    I have a chemical distributor that is having trouble assigning a commodity classification to their products. They have more than 800 different types. The chemicals they carry do not fall neatly into the comm...
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  • Foam sprinkler system Design

    Dear all ,    Sub : Foam sprinkler system Design:    one of my ongoing project , Foam water sprinkler system is required to protect the generator area of 675 square meter . as per NFPA 16 ,Design...
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  • Elevator Lobby for evacuation

    Dear Milton,   I am really existing to receive your answer. I am new to this forum and to be very honest , I am new to fire protection engineering too. I am an elevator design engineer and interesting to study f...
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  • Is it simple to change electrical receptacle?

    Don't assume that even the most "simple" electrical jobs aren't dangerous:   http://archive.tcpalm.com/news/sebastian-handyman-charged-with-not-having-a-license-after-employee-dies-ep-396486835-347245332.html/
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  • TEST

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  • NICET Level III testing inquiry

    This question is coming from a concern that I have over sprinkler riser systems device installation/replacing such as pressure, tamper, water flow, switches and related low voltage devices on any working riser sy...
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  • Lifepo4 safety

    I live off the grid and in need of new battery's for my solar system. After a long study I believe a Lifepo4 system would be the best alternative for my needs. Lifepo4 has a safety factor that is so much better than a...
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  • DIYer: I need NFPA-13D insight/design(er), please.

    Hello, NFPA community! Here are the facts of my situation: I'm a homeowner in central Ohio finishing out my own 1600 sq ft basement (legally permitted, of course) in a single-story, single-family dwelling (built '95)....
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  • Cell tower cable running up have equipment grounding conductor

    I have monopole cell tower. The tower has DC conductor cables that run from equipment on ground to cell tower antennas, RRUs, etc up top. Kind of like this: or like this in web link below:   https://wireless...
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  • NFPA 101 Table 12.1.6 Construction Type Limitation

    Under Construction Type, what do the numbers in parentheses mean?  I cannot find reference to its explanation.  For example, III(211) vs III(200).   Thanks much!
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  • NEC information about motors

    I have had a 300hp motor shipped to me with the motor opening being to small for the amout of leads that are coming out. So small infact that the motor leads insulation was being cut by the conduit adapter on the moto...
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  • Provisions for Piping Size of Sprinkler System (NFPA 13)

    A client of ours proposed this sprinkler system schematics for Steam Turbine Bearing Pedestal. The required flow is 2000 LPM and based on calculations from contractor, the minimum allowable diameter is 83.43mm, which ...
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  • Fire Protection Drain

    is it required by NFPA to pressure test the express drain piping? or any piping draining system? 
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  • High Ceiling

    Where in NFPA can I find how high can you have sprinklers above the ground. We have an area that has a high area around 50ft, we need to cover the floor space below . Wonder what K factor of head can reach below or do...
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  • Detector Mounting

    Hi guys, Could you please confirm me why Zip tie is not permitted to secure the detector? If you have any reference please share from NFPA 72 or NFPA 70.    In addition, if we use GI wire to secure the det...
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    Is there any specific reason not to use abort switches on carbon dioxide system as per NFPA-12 "Abort switches shall not be used on carbon dioxide systems."
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  • Pressure requirement for Combined sprinkler and FHR system

    Hi.. As per NFPA 13 , 100gpm flow is considered for hose stream (inline with AHJ) in addition to the sprinkler demand. Accordingly, hydraulic calculations are prepared. Is it necessary to achieve minimum residual pre...
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  • High ceiling Audience hall theatre sprinkler system

    We have a large theatre with 3 stories and a total of 6000 seats, and a ceiling height of about 20 meters. it is required to install a wet sprinkler system. according to NFPA 13, the classification is a light hazard, ...
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