• Mythblaster Monday 8: Leaking the Truth on Home Fire Sprinkler Mishaps

    Fire sprinklers are familiar to many of us and many people know they exist in stores, warehouses, and other commercial buildings. But not everyone may be aware of the importance of fire sprinklers in the home. But acc...
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  • Height for Smoke Spot detector

    Hello; Regarding the installation of smoke sensors in rooms with flat and high ceilings (20 feet), what is the maximum height at which I can use this type of device. They are air-conditioned rooms. We are working with...
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  • Minimum residual Pressure and flow at the remotest hydrant/monitor

    Greetings, I am designing the new fire water ringmain for a crude storage tanks facility and providing the new fire hydrants/monitors. Please guide me the following;   1) Which NFPA standard and section specify...
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  • Table 310.16 vs. Article 400 for a 3-conductor VFD cable?

    Hi,   I am working on a project in which I will be using a VFD to drive an AC motor.  For the motor power cable from the VFD to the motor, I am planning to use a cable with a braided shield that is specifica...
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    Hello Community   Aroom enclosing fire pumps is a room with roof, walls and hvac system or I can consider that description for a shelter (just roof without walls).   Sincerely DS
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    Dear Community   I want to know the following answers for the questions:   1. Is it necessary that pump room (room with roof, no walls) has sprinklers with foam?  2. Can these sprinklers with foam pr...
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  • Generator Enclosure Egress

    At our facility we have two 2 megawatt medium voltage generators installed outside in manufacturer provided enclosures that we can enter and walk around inside. Each enclosure has 3 doors with panic bars and 2 doors i...
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  • How to figure out who the fire alarm system monitoring company is?

    Hi. I am a resident of a multifamily apartment complex. I have had multiple issues during move-in, and I'm not very confident in how the complex operates.    A couple days after I moved in, two fire trucks ...
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  • Needing some book research help

    Hi, everyone;   I'm in the beginning stages of planning another book tentatively titled "Fire Departments and Communities." The topic will cover how fire departments perceive and respond to risks across communit...
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  • Working 120v Live

    When working 120Volt Circuits live Receptacles, switches what PPE is required?
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  • Containers for Combustible waste

    I need to know what can I use as a container for combustible waste, plastic or metal with lid of course. They will have rags that have thinner, paint and some cleaners from aerosol on them?
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  • What is the Secret about Private Operating Mode?

      Everyone is familiar with the sound of a fire alarm and flash of the visual notification thanks to drills that are required at schools and the workplace. They are typically designed in a way so that everyone c...
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  • FDC Pipe Size

    Hello,    I am looking for an official interpretation regarding NFPA 13's FDC Pipe Sizing Guidelines. gives contradictory and unclear guidance for this matter and I am in need of NFPA's interpretat...
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  • Following an Explosion at a Cannabis-Related Business in Los Angeles, Records Indicate No Inspections Conducted at Facility

    Keeping communities safe from fire, electrical, and other related hazards isn’t something that just happens—it’s the result of having a fully functioning Fire & Life Safety Ecosystem.  When ...
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  • 240.21 feeder tap directly to utilization equipment?

    Since the 2014 edition, 240.21(B)(1)(1)(b) has allowed a 10 ft feeder tap to terminate on "equipment containing an overcurrent device" as an alternative to terminating directly on an OCPD.   I would like to conn...
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  • qualified observer

    I have a question.  If there is a crew going out to do some  electrical maintenance. But only one member of the crew is a qualified electrician. do the other people assisting him need to have CPR and other ...
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  • Fire Safety Messaging is Critical During a Pandemic

    As the COVID-19 pandemic has continued over the past several months, I, like so many others have been carefully monitoring the data and following recommendations from leading epidemiologists and public health experts ...
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    As per NFPA 14 clause "For Class II systems, the minimum flow rate for the hydraulically most remote hose connection shall be 100 gpm (379 L/min)."   My question is whether we have to provide 100...
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  • Electrical “Cycle of Safety” Keeps People and Property Protected in an Electrified World

    We are often asked this question: if you could have dinner with anyone, who would it be? Personally, I think a present-day dinner conversation with Thomas Edison, Nikola Tesla, and other pioneers of electricity would ...
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  • Automatic detector Requirment

    Hi guys, Consider a shed having only roof is using for dining. All sides are open to enter and exit. Is it mandatory to have both automatic detector and Manual Call point or only manual call point is enough???
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